Pre-Kindergarten in Albuquerque, NM

Bluebird Daycare & Learning Center is proud to be an Albuquerque pre-kindergarten site in addition to the quality preschool and day care programs we provide. Our pre-kindergarten classes build on preschool curriculum through the exploration of core subjects that enrich your child’s entire education.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible, your child must be 3 years old on or before Sept. 1. Please register on or before August 20. Don’t delay!

Bluebird Pre-K & Preschool Curriculum

Our Albuquerque Pre-K and preschool curriculum focuses on creating an environment where your child is engaged, energized and strongly involved in meaningful learning experiences. Our licensed teachers will teach your child the rhythm of the school day through play-based learning. Some key points of our pre-k and preschool curriculum include:

  • Comprehensive
    Your child will thrive with under our whole-child curriculum based on research about child development. We integrate all domains of development and academic content into our curriculum.
  • Social/Cultural
    As preschool professionals, we recognize, understand and facilitate a variety of ways for children to express their developmental achievements. Your child will develop all aspects or his or her unique self at Bluebird in a healthy, encouraging environment.
  • Curriculum and Assessment Integration
    Our teachers observe and document your child’s performance, informing you of your child’s progress. We encourage your child to become a lifelong learner by keeping him or her appraised of new learning opportunities.
  • Teacher-Child Engagement
    We are proud of the low student-teacher ratio in our classrooms. At Bluebird Daycare & Learning Center, we ensure your child receives the close attention he or she deserves.

Bluebird is a licensed 5-star preschool through the state of New Mexico Child, Youth and Families Department. This is the highest rating you can achieve through the state. We have also achieved national accreditation through the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA). To learn more about our pre-kindergarten and after school programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact us today.

What Is Bluebird Learning Center All About?
As a caring and involved parent we know you are looking for the best Pre-K education your child can obtain during their early impressionable years. The Pre-K Program includes Twenty-Eight Broad Outcomes for development ranging across Seven Domains:

  • Domain: Numeracy

    Preschoolers are taught to understand numbers, ways of representing numbers and relationships between quantities and numerals. Our Preschoolers demonstrate understanding of geometrical and spatial concepts. Our creative staff offers activities to enhance the Preschooler’s non-standard units to measure and make comparisons, as well as investigate, organize and create representations.

  • Domain: Physical Development, Health and Well- Being

    Our dedicated staff promotes gross motor control including balance, spatial awareness and stability. As our caring staff encourages fine motor skills thru help self-help activities. Cutting, writing tools and coordinating eye hand movements using beads, laces, pegs, puzzles and other manipulatives are incorporated in daily activities.

    Health and hygiene awareness promotes proper hand washing, toileting, and dental hygiene. Our goal is to increase healthy life style practices. Healthy bodies need nutrition foods, exercise and physical activity and rest.

  • Domain: Literacy

    Pre-K program offers expansion of listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills. Our caring staff encourages preschoolers to engage in asking relevant questions or in making pertinent comments with the intension to help children develop language skills and brain development.

  • Domain: Aesthetic Creativity

    Preschoolers are influenced by Pre-K staff to appreciate the arts thru movement, music, and visual activities. Making up songs, acting out stories, crating pieces of art work or a set of movements , these are indicators of creativity and communicating ideas.

  • Domain: Scientific Conceptual Under-Standings

    Preschooler engages in scientific methods to investigate the physical and natural worlds and to hypothesize and make predictions. The inquisitive Preschooler acquires scientific knowledge related to life sciences as well as hearth science.

  • Domain: Self, Family and Community

    Preschoolers are taught self-awareness, self- control, personal responsibility, mutual trust and respect with others. Cares for personal and groups possessions. These skills promote a healthy Whole Child.

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