Albuquerque Performing Arts Preschool

Our Albuquerque preschool program is designed to promote learning in 6 developmental areas:


Your child is challenged to grow in their natural love for learning. We have age-appropriate hands-on preschool activities designed to help your child learn math, science, history, reading, music, art, geography, creative arts, language, motor skills and social development.


Learning to engage with the world around them is paramount to a child’s growth and well-being. We encourage appropriate interactions between students by teaching children to talk, listen, share, cooperate, take turns, interact with friends, learn the importance of developing friendships and flourishing in their own environment.

With our help your kids will have a head start for kindergarten and beyond. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today.


Emotional health is important as children begin to gain independence. We encourage your children to learn how to express their emotions in healthy ways. Learning how to identify and express feelings are essential life skills. Positive reinforcement helps and refines skills needed to succeed in your child’s classroom environment.


Children develop physically at different rates. We teach your children to be proud of who they are and encourage them to participate in daily physical fitness activities that their growing bodies are physically capable of.


Both gross and fine motor development skills are taught at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center. We use many fun Albuquerque preschool activities to guide your child as they learn how to use their bodies for both large and small tasks.


Helping your child develop language skills is paramount to their ability to accurately express their needs and emotions. We work with your child daily to learn new words and teach them how to appropriately express themselves through language and music. Throughout the day, we encourage your child to express their ideas in order to build confidence, independence and imagination.

Our Albuquerque preschool is licensed with a 5-Star rating from CYFD and has dual accreditation at both the state and national level. We are committed to providing your child with the life skills he or she needs to be a happy, healthy child and grow into a happy, healthy adult.

Open Door Policy and Parent/Guardian Involvement

The center has an open door policy to allow parents and guardians to visit with their child unannounced. Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to volunteer their skills and talents by assisting the teacher in the classroom with activities such as reading to the children and helping with arts/project time, outdoor activity time, circle time and lunchtime. Parents and guardians are also invited to share their culture and family traditions with the children at the center. The Director has an open door policy to encourage parents/guardians to communicate openly and freely regarding any questions, concerns, suggestions and/or recommendations. Curriculum meetings for the school year begin in July. If you wish to contribute, please let the Director know. We welcome your input!

Contact Us to give a deductible donation to our scholarship program to help children from low-income families enroll at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center!

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