Why Eat Breakfast? 

Bluebird Learning Center has been dedicated to providing well balanced snacks, as well lunch and breakfast to young children. Our nutritionist knows Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant since it helps increase the immune system. Vitamin C also performs other vital functions, such as repairing body tissue, maintaining health gums, combating infection and so much more.

Family Eating Breakfast Together In Kitchen

The primary sources of vitamin C in breakfast foods are fruit and fruit juices, especially citrus fruit and juices. For instance ½ cup of orange juice fulfills the Dailey Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C for children ages one to three years of age.

Vitamin C is especially beneficial to children, as it helps the body absorb iron, which carries oxygen in the blood and transports oxygen within cells, where it is used to help produce ENERGY.   BINGO!

Bluebird Learning Center encourages toddlers and preschooler to engage in healthy eating, through daily age appropriate and fun nutrition activities.

Dairy products supply calcium, crucial for building bones. Getting adequate amounts of Calcium in childhood may help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

The denser the bones are in childhood, the better prepared they will be to support teen growth and still withstand bone losses later in life. How About That!

Examples of quick healthy breakfast choices:

  • Yogurt Popsicles———Plain yogurt, concentrated unsweetened orange juice, dash of vanilla and honey. Freeze in molds. 3oz paper cup works well as mold.
  • Whole Grain Bagel ——-Cream cheese on a bagel and a cup of orange juice.
  • Raisin Bread and Peanut Butter—-Raisin bread and Peanut Butter with a cup of orange juice and Milk always pleases children.

Enjoy these fun and easy breakfast choices with your children.

Songs, Games, and Belly Breathing

Our toddlers and preschoolers at Bluebird Care are eagerly engaged in games throughout the day. Here is a few samples:

Why do toddlers sing the BINGO song? One way to sing this song is to take out a letter in each verse and substitute it with a clap.  In the first verse our toddlers sing B-I-N-G-O, then in the next verse they sing “clap” I-N-G-O, then “clap” “ clap” , N-G-O, and so forth. By substituting claps for letters, this song can help children practice Executive Function skills such as Continue reading “Songs, Games, and Belly Breathing”

The Power of Play

Why is Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center rated the best in Albuquerque?

Our dedicated and caring staff promotes and encourages Dramatic Play since it is particularly valuable when helping children develop self- regulatory skills and social –emotional competence. For example, by acting out different roles, children learn to take the perspective of others, be flexible thinkers ( looking at a situation in a new way), problem solve, and exercise self-control.

Our caring staff continues to engage children in pretend play. Through positive support, children are able to distance themselves from their own lives and see their options for responding more clearly.Kids playing in the room

When older children are encouraged to follow a “play plan “ or a “play script “ they must plan ahead : talking about what they are going to do, what materials they may use and how they are going to use the materials. By reflecting on their play, children improve their work memory and their capacity to remember.
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The Development of Self-Regulation and Exectutive Function in Young Children

Our staff at Bluebird Day Care are aware of how executive function helps children learn to consciously and effectively manage their behavior so that they can work and play well with other children.

What is Self –Regulation?

Self –Regulation is often defined as the conscious control of thoughts, feeling, and behaviors. In other words, it is the ability to think and to plan before acting. At the heart of self-regulation is a set of skills called executive function. Executive function includes three cognitive components Our Preschoolers are encouraged and coached on effective sharing and caring for others and themselves.

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Seven Amazing Methods for Connecting with Children

SLOW DOWN STAY IN THE MOMENT: Our staff, at Bluebird Learning Center knows and follows the seven strategies steps for connecting with children.  Our caregivers know how to show children that they are interested in them and that they want to be with them. Our staff are relaxed and in the moment with them. In contrast our preschoolers know, and recognize when slowing gives them time to really tune in and enjoy being with that teacher.

KEEP LEARNING ABOUT CHILDREN: Our staff at Bluebird Learning Center show children genuine interest in them and willingness to learn more about them. Preschoolers are willing to connect with our staff and reveal more about themselves.  In return, our staff get to know children extremely Continue reading “Seven Amazing Methods for Connecting with Children”

Pre-K Program

The Pre-K Program includes twenty-eight broad outcomes for development ranging across seven domains. Included in those broad outcomes are performance indicators. There are sixty seven indicators, these outcomes and indicators include the growth and development of the Whole child. The Preschooler’s cognitive skills, social and emotional skills are being observe and documented to reflect the Preschooler’s  development and learning growth. Continue reading “Pre-K Program”

Summer Fun

Summer fun activities are just around the corner. The Pre-K and after school aged children are planning many fun field trips. They will be going to Explora, Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Story time at the Library, guided tours at Dion’s, Natural Center, Johnny Moon magic show, Story time with Snow White and much, much more. We invite you to see our monthly activities calendar to learn about our many field trips. The calendar is posted on our web site.

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Circle Time

I have been teaching children for over thirty years and Circle Time is one of the most effective classroom tools for Preschool and Pre-K teachers to teach music to young children.  Bluebird Day Care a Reliable Child Care Center teaches all children to develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions, through music and expressing his/her own creative self.  Bluebird Day Care a Friendly Center where children learn social skills and respect for their peers. They discover the joy of participating in a group.

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