Before-After School Child Care – Albuquerque

To assist busy families, Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center offers before and after school child care services and an Albuquerque summer program for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. Our programs are designed to help your child learn to make decisions that will not only shape him or her to be a decision maker, but to teach him or her to be a leader and a team member.

Albuquerque Before and After School Services

Some of the benefits of our before and after school child care program include:

  • Transportation to and from school
  • Hot breakfast
  • Healthy snack
  • Homework support
  • Fitness activities
  • Daily communication with parents
  • Building leadership and communication skills
  • Promoting confidence, self-esteem and character
  • Organized and self-select games and activities

We continue to help children grow in the six developmental areas: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, motor and language with age-appropriate activities. In the afternoons, children are able to play outside, spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are relevant to a school-aged child. Your children can be at the center during school holidays, teacher in-service days and after school breaks.

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Summer Care Services – Albuquerque

Our summer care services provide a safe and fun environment for 3-5 year old children and school-aged children in Albuquerque. Children are placed in individual classrooms—based on their age—where they enjoy separate, age-appropriate programs throughout the summer. During the summer, we engage the children in many activities that help them grow in self-confidence and self-sufficiency. We take the children on several field trips throughout the summer and also bring in a variety of entertainment to keep the center an exciting and fresh place to be! Some of our summer activities include:

  • Visiting Nursing Homes
  • Magic and Juggler Shows with Audience Participation
  • Reading and Interacting with Mother Goose
  • Visiting the Library for Music, Fun Activities and Storytelling
  • Water Play
  • Picnics
  • Crazy Hair Day
  • Carnival Day
  • Hawaiian Day
  • Face Painting Day
  • Wear your Favorite Halloween Costume Day
  • Cooking Segments
  • And More!

Contact Us to give a tax deductible donation to our scholarship program to help children from low-income families enroll at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center!