Circle Time

I have been teaching children for over thirty years and Circle Time is one of the most effective classroom tools for Preschool and Pre-K teachers to teach music to young children.  Bluebird Day Care a Reliable Child Care Center teaches all children to develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions, through music and expressing his/her own creative self.  Bluebird Day Care a Friendly Center where children learn social skills and respect for their peers. They discover the joy of participating in a group.

Bluebird Day Care offers Low Teacher Child Ratio where circle time is the place for our Loving and Caring staff to talks about the activities of the day establishes class routine and models appropriate manners in the class and new lessons are introduced.  A good circle time sets the tone for the day.

Our caring staff at Bluebird Day Care a Reliable Child Care Center starts the day by greeting the children individually as they arrive. Our Caring Staff invites children to say “Good morning” and helps them wash their hands and eat breakfast. The children move into the next phase of their day. Children choose a specific center or activity where they are free to explore, lean, investigate, etc. Our Caring Staff creates fun ways to dismiss children from their activities by whispering their names, winking at them, calling children whose names start with a certain sound or children who are wearing a certain color.

At our Friendly Child Care Center, children have the freedom to come and go as they please. Our staff becomes the role models and they know that remaining calm, quiet and in control, will teach children to model these same characteristics. Children are naturally observant, they respond when our staff whispers, move slowly or adds a little mystery to the lesson.  Encourage participation but do not force.

Reinforce appropriate behavior with compliments and praise. Our Caring Staff consistently use words like, “Please, thank you, and excuse me” the children will naturally follow the example of his/her teacher.

Bluebird Day Care a reliable child care center is proud to offer quality child care to the community