Daily Parent Interaction

We have added a new method of communicating with our families. We are now providing parents with daily pictures of their children’s activities: music, dance, meals, naps, playtime, art, gymnastics and much more. All parents need to do is, access their cell phones or get on their desktop whether at work, home or on the go to stay connected with their child.

We are now providing the families with daily pictures of their children’s activities. You can stay connected online with your child throughout the day by tracking his/her activities, class routine, dance, gymnastics, naps and much more. You do not need to wonder what your child had for breakfast, lunch or snack anymore because, it is logged daily by our staff. Your child’s teacher will log all meals, naps, activities and daily schedules throughout the day to stay updated at all times. Thus, making it easier for you to stay connected with your child. You now have information at the tip of your fingers.