Day Care Center

A Safe Place for Infants, Toddlers & Children

Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center provides a welcoming atmosphere where your child can learn and play in safe environment. We believe in fostering the development of the whole child, including your child’s physical, social and intellectual well-being.

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Why Choose our Albuquerque Day Care Center?

We are a 5-star preschool that provides day care and before and after school care for children ages 4 to 12. You’ll be amazed at the care we provide at our licensed day care center. At our day care center, your child will enjoy the benefits of age-appropriate activities that promote lifelong learning.

  • Infants—We provide loving care for infants at our safe, secure infant day care center. At Bluebird, we promote the development of motor and sensory skills, letting your baby touch, listen and bond with our loving teachers.
  • Toddlers—Our teachers open the world of your toddler, providing hands-on care that encourages active learning. Outdoor games, music, arts and crafts, socialization—your toddler develops his or her unique personality with Bluebird’s day care center for toddlers.
  • Children—Children ages 4 to 12 receive attentive care in an environment that encourages learning through play and healthy social interactions. The teachers at our child care center are child-focused and love to engage with children during before and after school activities.

Transportation to and from school, homework support and healthy food is all part of your child’s day at Bluebird. In addition to our day care center, we are home to excellent before and after school care,  including dance and gymnastics classes, karate classes and a summer program all designed to build your child’s whole self.

Contact Our Child Care Experts

Our licensed day care center instructors are passionate about helping children develop in their early childhood years. From our preschool to our pre-k and after school programs, we have the ability to care for your child from infancy through elementary school. To visit our Albuquerque, New Mexico day care or enroll in one of our programs, contact us today.