Exploring and Theories

The learning theme for this month is the weather. We will be discussing the sun, wind, rain, clouds, thunder, lightning, and review snow and frost. We will definitely celebrate St .Patrick’s Day; we will listen to Irish music and learn about the art of traditional Irish dancing.  Children will make Shamrock stormecklaces. Children will learn about the magical legend of the Irish Leprechaun. We will experience and taste-test the traditional Irish stew and Irish Potato bread. We look forward to making a traditional Irish Hat. We will view pictures of Ireland and encourage children to enjoy and discuss what they see.

We will also increase children’s awareness of their sense of sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling as they participate in daily activities offered to them during the day. Children learn best from activities and investigating the world around them (which sense the child prefers determines the student’s learning style). As we know, visual learners best remember what is seen. Hands-on activities and visual activities are always a major role in setting and preparing our weekly lesson plans.

At Bluebird Day Care we know children respond well to Open–Ended Questions. These types of questions encourage children to think and reflect on what is happening around them, “Why does the sun shine?” and “Why does it rain?” and “What is frost?”  The opportunities to learn, explore, and observe are endless. At Bluebird Day Care, children are given time to come up with their own answers; misconceptions prompts them to the road of constructing explanations and building theories.

We will continue to offer opportunities for growth to all young and bright children.