Albuquerque Daycare Meals – Hot & Nutritious

Part of keeping your child healthy is providing him or her with nutritious meals. At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center, we make sure your child is fed good, nutritious meals every day.

    High Quality Food

    As part of the federal Child & Adult Care Food Program, we are able to provide the highest quality of meats, fruits and vegetables at no additional cost to you. All of our meals are prepared on-site, from scratch—and are delicious!

    Great Tasting Food

    We know that children desire food that tastes good. Our tried and tested menus strive always to accomplish both healthy and tasty meals that kids love! All of our food is prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen with a culinary flair that makes kids look forward to meal times at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center.

    Family-Style Meals

    We use meal and snack time to help your child learn table manners and to share with one another. We do this by serving all food family-style. That means, there are child-sized serving bowls for children to pass around the table as they learn to take their own appropriate portion size. Staff members help younger children with this process while older children are encouraged to practice serving their own food.

    Healthy Snacks for Preschool

    Healthy snacks for children in our Albuquerque preschool program are important to help them sustain energy throughout the day. We incorporate a variety of healthy snacks into our child day care menu to allow your child the opportunity to develop a love for nutritional foods.

    Special Diets and Food Allergies

    We are aware that not all children are able to eat certain foods. Whether your child has special diet requirements for religious or personal reasons, we will accommodate the specific diet you have for your child. Additionally, we will create special meals for children with food allergies.

A monthly child day care menu is always posted at the Albuquerque day care center & Pre-K so you know exactly what your child will be eating throughout the month. Healthy snacks for preschool and all ages are daily incorporated into our meal planning. We can also provide suggestions for healthy cooking at home if you are interested.

Day Care Lunch Menu

Contact Us to give a deductible donation to our scholarship program to help children from low-income families enroll at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center!

Child Wellness Policy

Bluebird Day Care is committed to providing a positive environment in which physical activity and skills development are an important and integral part of the day to day routine. We provide time for a range of physical activities learning opportunities, including structured and unstructured movement activities and skill development, both indoor and outdoor. We will also communicate positive messages to family about participating in movement, physical activity, and limiting screen time at school. Bluebird Day Care is committed to teaching, guiding toddler, preschooler, and after school children in Nutrition and Active Play.


Bluebird Day Care is committed to teaching young children healthy eating habits children will use for life and give children the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and play. Bluebird Day Care promotes digestion, help children feel full, and maintain a healthy weight by providing dietary fiber.

What types of fruit does Bluebird Day Care offer?

Fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits are all great choices for the health and wellness of children. We know it is vital for children to be introduced to the whole rainbow of fruit choices – each fruit has its own unique flavor and nutrients. Providing different choices each day helps children get the nutrition they need. Bluebird Day Care offers a balanced and healthy diet.

What types of vegetables does Bluebird Day Care offer?

A variety of fresh, frozen or canned vegetables are all great choices. Each vegetable contains different amounts of nutrients and fiber. Bluebird Day Care provides different choices each day, therefore, helping children get the nutrition they need.

Our preschool class created an amazing colorful rainbow salad. Our preschoolers incorporated vegetables sticks such as, zucchini, yellow squash, celery, red peppers with a low fat ranch dressing.

Active Play

Bluebird Day Care is committed to increasing physical activity up to 120 minutes a day with a screen time of 30 minutes or less per week.

  • Food Allergy or a Food Intolerance? We take all food allergies seriously and request a doctor’s note.
  • Food Allergy Symptoms: Hives, Itching, nausea, vomiting, blocked airway and Etc..
  • Food Intolerance Symptoms: Bloating, gas, diarrhea.

We look forward to sharing our amazing Preschool with you and your young child.

Call 505-294-3635 or send us a message with any questions or concerns about the meals served fresh at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center today!