Albuquerque Baby Day Care Center: Infants & Newborns

8 Months-18 Months

At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center, we know your baby is special.

Utilizing our extensive training in infant development, we interact with, read to, and play with your baby to stimulate his or her growth in the most critical period of formation—when he or she is learning how to observe, experiment, grasp, roll, crawl, pull, sit up, and learn to take his or her first step. Our supportive staff will document all milestones for you to record.

We’ll also keep you updated on your child’s progress throughout the year. Call 505-294-3635 today to speak with a representative.

A Different Sort of Baby Day Care Center in Albuquerque

At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center, we’re a nationally accredited infant care provider. That means, we don’t just perform diaper changes and routine feedings. We get down on the floor with your baby and play, help him or her crawl, and teach him or her to reach for toys—all while providing plenty of attention, positive reinforcement and love.

With a ratio of one teacher for every five infants, we work hard to provide a safe, stimulating, and supportive environment that will foster your baby’s physical and emotional development. Our classrooms are filled with toys that fit your infant’s motor skill capabilities, help with hand-eye coordination, and challenge your infants to develop new skills.

We also offer on-going observation and assessment of your child’s progress so that you know exactly how your child is advancing in our program. Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year to provide you with the opportunity to discuss your child’s growth in detail; parent-teacher conferences may also be scheduled as needed.

Qualified, Professional Day Care Staff

Our staff is rigorously trained in infant development; we require all our staff to receive 30 hours of National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) training and 24 hours of New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD) training per year. In addition, our teachers’ references are carefully checked and we maintain an ongoing criminal background check. At our baby day care center, your child’s safety and healthy development is our utmost priority.

Open Door Policy and Parent/Guardian Involvement

Our nationally accredited infant care center has an open door policy to allow parents and guardians to visit with their child unannounced. Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to volunteer their skills and talents by assisting the teacher in the classroom with activities such as reading to the children and helping with arts/project time, outdoor activity time, circle time and lunchtime.

At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center we encourage parent interaction and strive to form partnerships with parents to facilitate the growth and development of their infants. At our Albuquerque infant and baby care center, we have an open door policy. So, you are welcome to visit and check on your infant’s progress and see how he or she thrives in one of the best infant child care centers in Albuquerque!

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