Albuquerque Child Day Care Rates

Bluebird provides bus transportation to Bellhaven and Inez Elementary Schools

Bluebird has the capacity to care for 130 children between the ages of eight months and twelve years. Our Albuquerque child day care understands the importance of appropriate child/teacher ratio in order to successfully help children to reach their full potential.

Save money by paying every 4 weeks

Pay weekly tuition fees 4 weeks in advance and receive a 5% discount. Payment is due by the 1st of each month. There will be a $30 late fee for payments received after the 5th.

**Monthly rates are paid every 4 weeks**

Call 505-294-3635 today to learn more about tuition discounts.

Bluebird is committed to ensuring a safe environment by carefully monitoring the children’s physical, emotional and language development progress as they participate in activities throughout the Center.

Contact Us to give a deductible donation to our scholarship program to help children from low-income families enroll at Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center!

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