Karate Classes

Bluebird Daycare & Learning Center is proud to offer kids in Albuquerque a safe, welcoming place to enjoy afterschool activities. Our karate classes are fun, affordable and taught by our expert, Master Chavez. Master Chavez is a 6th degree black belt who has more than 30 years of teaching experience.

Why Take Karate Classes?

At Bluebird, our educators believe in teaching your child as a whole person, touching on physical activity, academics and socialization. Karate encourages your child’s healthy development on all of these touchstones:

  • Physical activity—Karate limits the amount of time your child spends in front of the TV and computer, encouraging your child to stay active after school. Karate discourages a sedentary lifestyle and gets your child excited to participate in physical activities.
  • Academics—Karate shows your child the importance of listening to his or her teacher. It also helps your child work under pressure, something that becomes more important as your child takes tests throughout his or her school years.
  • Socialization—Your child will meet with his or her peers over a common interest. Karate classes will involve your child collaborating with other children, allowing them to build their skills. Your child develops teamwork, learns to perform in front of others and improves cooperation.

Karate is based on an accomplishment system of colored belts to declare the wearer’s skill. From the first day in our karate classes, you child will learn to set goals and work to accomplish them. This sets a foundation for self-discipline and goal setting that will benefit your child for a lifetime.

Let Us help Your Child Excel—Contact Us!

Bluebird is proud to offer numerous after school activities for your child, including gymnastics and dance classes and social programs as we provide a safe, healthy environment where your child can learn and play.  To enroll in our karate classes or learn more about our before and after school child care, contact us today.

To learn more about karate classes at Bluebird in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact us at 505-294-3635.