New Activities at BlueBird

Our Pre-K class has been busy learning about the Solar System facts and Astronomy. They have created their own planets by using various Styrofoam balls. They had fun naming them and making each planet, as well as painted them, using water colors, glitter and markers. The Pre-K class continues to excel and thrive as they learn about planets and space.  They know the planets travel in circular paths (called orbits) around it. These planets travel in the same direction. They will continue to explore Mars and Jupiter.

The three year old class continues to amaze me with their eagerness to learn and try new things. They made snow and they painted the snow using their favorite water colors. They are learning about phonics as they learn to read. The three year olds are also anxiously waiting to learn all about rabbits. We will discuss the special characteristics of rabbits. They all have long ears. They move by hopping and why do they hop?  Their nose wiggles and why does it wiggle? They come in many colors and combination of colors. We will also compare such quality to the human race. We will also talk about their long ears. Some are large and some are small. They eat plants and other vegetables. They live in a burrow in the ground. We will also discuss what care they need if you keep them as pets.  We will read the book Peter Rabbit.  Visit a farm with your child and explore rabbits and their characteristics. 

The concepts taught this month will be letter G, W, Y, R and Q; numbers will be 11, 12, 13 and 14. They will also review matching pairs, follow the path and assemble a puzzle. We will also be talking about rhyming words such as hop, top, pop, well, bell, tell, etc.

The vocabulary words discussed for younger children this month will be: big and little, short and tall, on and off, old and new, heavy and light, up and down, on and over.  As children take their work done at school, discuss with them and create a follow- up learning experience.

Please save and send to school next month: If you crack open fresh eggs, please boil the shells and save them for us. Pine cones will be needed for each child for making bird feeders. Please bring them to school next month if pine cones are available, empty toilet rolls will work.

We will continue to keep you up to date with all of our monthly activities.