Pre-K Program

The Pre-K Program includes twenty-eight broad outcomes for development ranging across seven domains. Included in those broad outcomes are performance indicators. There are sixty seven indicators, these outcomes and indicators include the growth and development of the Whole child. The Preschooler’s cognitive skills, social and emotional skills are being observe and documented to reflect the Preschooler’s  development and learning growth.

The Pre-K program Physical Development, Health and Well-Being domains are intended to support the Preschooler gross motor control including balance, spatial awareness and stability. It also promotes the child’s ability to use fine motor skills. The health and wellbeing of the Preschooler is encouraged by observing behavior demonstrating health and hygiene skills such as; hand washing, toileting, dental hygiene, shows awareness of healthy life practices, that healthy bodies need nutrition foods, exercise and physical activity and rest.

The Pre-K program covers an extensive Literacy Program for all Preschoolers. Our qualified staff encourages children to listening with understanding to directions and conversation, follows directions with increasing complexity. The Preschooler is offered opportunities to hear and discriminate the sounds of language in words to develop phonological awareness. Our caring staff offers activities for preschoolers to demonstrate understanding of new vocabulary introduced in conversation, listening to stories read out loud, and looking at books using illustrations or familiar text.

Preschoolers are encouraged to participate during story time by asking relevant questions or making pertinent questions to enhance and expand their language skills. Experimenting with a variety of writing tools, materials and surfaces demonstrates early stages of writing in the form of shapes and letter like symbols are significant mile stones in the preschoolers growth and development.

Numeracy Domain offers your Preschooler understanding ways of representing numbers, and relationships between quantities and numerals. The Pre-schooler uses numbers and counting as a means for solving problems and determining quantity. Our creative staff offers activities for understanding of geometrical and spatial concepts as well as understanding units for measuring and making comparisons.

The Pre-K program promotes in our preschooler population, scientific methods to investigate the physical and nature worlds and to hypothesize and make predictions. The young child acquires scientific knowledge related to life sciences. Our Pre-K program offers opportunities to explore and observe and distinguish between living things and non-living things.

We look forward to sharing many more fun filled educational and engaging activities with your amazing preschooler. We know your child will have a much easier transition to kindergarten due to his growth & involvement with our Pre-K Program. Be a part of another successful school year.