Albuquerque Preschool Program

Self Expression and Uniqueness

Every parent wants their child to have a head start when it comes to education. At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center in Albuquerque, our preschool language and literacy curriculum paves the way for lifelong learning by introducing your child to verbal skills, math and science through fun, interactive activities. From this introduction to learning, we help your child become independent and confident—two important milestones in identity formation.

At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center, we provide practical life lessons along with personal enrichment classes, such as gymnastics. Contact our school today to begin the enrollment process.

Two-Year Olds

Two-year olds are just learning how to communicate. Through our effective preschool curriculum we encourage toddlers to use their words to express how they feel and improve their communication skills. Our qualified staff emphasizes colors, shapes, numbers, science, matching and sorting, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development—teaching children about their world through playful interaction.

Our Albuquerque preschool program features:

  • Reading. We provide high quality children’s literature to encourage a love of reading.
  • Math. We introduce basic math skills with fun-filled math activities that promote counting, grouping and other math concepts.
  • Creativity and Imagination. We promote dramatic play to showcase your child’s abundant creativity and imagination.
  • Music. We encourage your child to participate in music to enforce positive team interaction.

Three-Year Olds

There is no end to a three-year old’s desire for exploration! Our effective preschool curriculum utilizes dramatic play, complex games, hands-on science experiences, coordination-improvement activities, cognitive skill strengthening, a variety of hands-on activities and a fully-equipped playground to help your three-year old discover more about the world around them. With our three-year olds we utilize tactile learning to teach them about anatomy, colors and shapes. Through various fun learning activities, we help your three-year old perfect his or her motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Our Albuquerque preschool program features:

  • Reading and Writing skills. We introduce important literacy concepts to children through high quality children’s literature.
  • Math. We introduce more advanced math skills through counting and sorting games as well as number games that include number writing.
  • Art activities. We promote creativity, imagination and freedom to explore and express creative ideas in order to help build confidence and independence.

Four to Five-Year Olds

Albuquerque Preschool

At Bluebird Day Care & Learning Center, we help four and five-year olds master more difficult concepts like science (predicting results, testing ideas and drawing conclusions), literacy (such as letter recognition and letter sounds) and the exciting world of numbers as they sort, classify, match and construct using a variety of math skills (including addition and subtraction). Our early start preschool curriculum ensures that your child has the skills and self-confidence to enter Kindergarten. Through hands-on experiences, whole group activities and participation in creative arts, your child will learn the independence, thinking, listening, sharing and cooperation skills they need to be successful.

Our program features:

  • Cognitive and Social Development. We use hands-on activities and group games to promote critical thinking, sharing and group cooperation.
  • Language and Literacy. We promote recognition of letters and letter sounds as we reinforce writing skills.
  • Math. We promote math skills through board games as well as organized group games, number matching games and cooking activities that promote measuring in a fun-filled environment.
  • Science. Your child’s love for science will become stronger through hands-on experiences that allow him or her to test ideas and draw conclusions.


We facilitate potty-training judging by your child’s physical and psychological readiness. We ask that parents initiate potty-training at home so that we can continue to encourage it at the preschool. If your child is already potty-trained, we reinforce the training and ask that you bring extra clothes in the case it’s needed.

During our homemade, family-style lunches, we encourage all ABQ preschool children to serve themselves (we help the younger children with their motor skills). These meals help emphasize community and teach your child about proper table etiquette and hygiene. In addition, we invite community helpers (firemen, police officers, hygienists) to visit the center and teach the children about stranger danger, hygiene, fire drills and safety.

Optional Enrichment Classes

As part of our preschool language and literacy curriculum, we offer gymnastics and dance classes that help children learn the value of exercise, fine-tune their gross motor skills and get in touch with their own artistic expression. Guided by a professional, the children stage performances and recitals—giving them something special to take part in and be proud of.

Daily Communication

Establishing a solid partnership between parents/guardians and teachers is paramount to the success of our program. To ensure that your child receives the best possible early childhood education in Albuquerque, your child’s teacher will daily communicate with you to keep you informed about your child’s day. Additionally, we have an open door policy which allows you to visit with your child at any time during the day without an appointment.

In addition to regular communication with your child’s preschool teacher, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress in detail at two parent-teacher conferences. During these conferences, we will discuss our on-going observation and assessment of your child’s progress so that you know exactly how your child is advancing in our program. Parent-teacher conferences may also be scheduled as needed.

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