Seven Amazing Methods for Connecting with Children

SLOW DOWN STAY IN THE MOMENT: Our staff, at Bluebird Learning Center knows and follows the seven strategies steps for connecting with children.  Our caregivers know how to show children that they are interested in them and that they want to be with them. Our staff are relaxed and in the moment with them. In contrast our preschoolers know, and recognize when slowing gives them time to really tune in and enjoy being with that teacher.

KEEP LEARNING ABOUT CHILDREN: Our staff at Bluebird Learning Center show children genuine interest in them and willingness to learn more about them. Preschoolers are willing to connect with our staff and reveal more about themselves.  In return, our staff get to know children extremely

well and see the unique wonder of each one.

LISTEN TO CHILDREN: Our staff know and understand that active listening to children provides a friendly and positive environment. Children are more likely to share their talents, interests, fears, ambitions and concerns Kids in classroomwith his/her caring professional.  Relationships with each child will grow deeper and stronger. Children are feeling valued and recognized and supported by a loving staff.

PERSONALIZE YOUR INTERACTIONS: All staff at Bluebird Learning Center responds to children as unique individuals and that allows them to build a clear connection that gives each child a solid base from which to move out into the world, explore an learn. Observing children closely and customizing their responses allows our staff the joy of seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

SHOW RESPECT: Our caregivers understand that showing respect for all children, it shapes everything they say and do. Our Preschoolers learn to experience respect, therefore they will feel stronger, more confident, and competent and more trusting of our staff. Children find it easier to manage challenging behavior as they arise.

GUIDE CHILDREN BEHAVIOR: As our caring staff at Bluebird Learning Center convey to children that they are on their team, helping them behave in positive ways, they sense that our staff cares and are there for them. Our staff find it easier to manage challenging behaviors as they arise.

KEEP TRUST GROWING: Trust allows our Pre-K , PreschoolerInfants and Toddlers  students to feel comfortable to explore and experiment . Therefore, taking full advantage of learning opportunities throughout the day. The trust our staff build affirms the vital role they play in a child’s /children life.