Summer Fun

Summer fun activities are just around the corner. The Pre-K and after school aged children are planning many fun field trips. They will be going to Explora, Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Story time at the Library, guided tours at Dion’s, Natural Center, Johnny Moon magic show, Story time with Snow White and much, much more. We invite you to see our monthly activities calendar to learn about our many field trips. The calendar is posted on our web site.

During the summer months not only will children travel to various sites to learn, grow and explore within their many activities, but they will also be taught numerous concepts such as: measuring distance, weights, volume, and time. Our Pre-K class will be taught on how to use and read a scale, yardstick, ruler, measuring cups, and much more.

Our preschoolers will learn about the different types of transportation. Preschoolers will be learning   about cars, boats, trucks, trains, airplanes, Etc. We encourage preschoolers to bring in different transportation toys to share with the class.

Our Pre-K class will also be learning about construction equipment and how it works and how we can benefit from it. We hope to take a small group of children to a construction site.

We will explore with the Pre-K class various professions. We will learn about community helpers and how we are impacted by the services they offer every day. We will discuss doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, store clerks, salesman, builders and repairman, hairdressers, dentists, athletes, Etc.   We look forward to having our Pre-K class visit some of our community helpers and see where they work and how they serve our community day in and day out.

Many additional concepts taught during the summer months will be: Beginning sounds, shapes, numbers of objects. Most of the learning will take place in the daily group activities with real objects and discussions. Activity papers can reinforce the learning activities. They are mainly a link with the home so your child can show you what he has been learning.

Many of the take-home paper activities will have P.S. (Parent Suggestion) noted on the page, these suggestions are intended to help you discuss field trips, activities, and with the intent in mind to help you create a follow –up learning experience.

We look forward to sharing another amazing summer with our Pre-k class and Pre-schoolers.