Summer Reading Ideas

Reading should not be a thing of the past during the summer. The great outdoors may beckon your youngster but it does not mean they need to leave the books they love at home. The outdoors encourages all sorts of new places to sit back and enjoy READING.

Set the Mood

Create your own comfy and quiet reading nook outside wherever you are, whether it’s at the park, the beach, or your own back yard. Yoga mats add a bit of cushioning and protection. Add pillows, towels , or blankets to really make it cozy. Bring out a camping tent to make it a special reading camp out. Your preschooler will love it.

Have an outdoor bag ready by the front door. You never know when the urge to explore outside will hit, so make sure you have a designated “outdoor bag” with all the essentials packed for a few hours of fresh-air. Be sure your outdoor bag is filled with snacks, fresh fruit, water, sun tan lotion, sunglasses and hats. Don’t forget your child’s favorite books, magazines, etc.

Encourage activities spurred by the books: Read books about gardening and put it into practice. You will be amazed to see what Preschoolers, learn by starting your own garden. Summer time brings with it plenty of bugs, which may thrill or scare your toddler. Get a book that explains all about the different types of bugs and how they live.

Invite the neighborhood kids: Invite the neighborhood kids to be a part of a book club. You can have the older children read to younger ones. You can encourage a group outing to the nearest library. Create a summer reading list together reward them with a watermelon party.

Bluebird Day Care enjoys reading to Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and School age children . We know reading is crucial for your child’s grow and development. Reading increases students vocabulary, thinking process, cognitive development, social development and the list goes on. Don’t miss out on your child’s healthy development. .