Albuquerque Preschool & Day Care Testimonials

My daughter has been going to Bluebird Learning Center since she was 3 months old. She is now 4 years old. It was very difficult to have to leave her to return to work, but the staff at Bluebird helped make the transition smooth and easy for both of us. Seeing how happy she is at Bluebird, I know she is in a loving and caring environment. I have seen my daughter thrive at this school. By the time she was 3, she could recognize her colors and shapes. She is learning her numbers and letters and how to follow class rules. She has also learned to interact with kids of all ages and different teachers. She loves to go to school here. Every night she asks if she has school the next day and cheers if she does. The teachers are dedicated and love the students and what they do. My daughter has a wonderful relationship with all of the teachers at the school. I am so grateful that I found such a wonderful school for my daughter to learn and grow.

-Heather Rael


My husband and I would like to express our utmost appreciation for all you do for our son.  We have been so impressed with the teachers, organization, and communication at Bluebird Learning Center.  Over the last two years that our son has attended your center he has grown both personally and academically.  We are always excited when he comes home and has learned a new song, a new skill, or has completed an art project that makes him proud.  He loves to go “to school” everyday and that puts us at ease.  We know you provide a caring safe environment that is fun and full of learning.  We have been very impressed with the teachers willingness to coordinate efforts at home and school regarding discipline, academics, and personal habits.  Our son tells us that “everyone at Bluebird is his friend” and it’s nice that all the teachers know his name.  It’s a great family like environment.  We were very impressed with the parent conferences that were held a few weeks ago and grateful to sit down and talk to our son’s teacher about his progress.  We can’t wait for the summer program to start, and we try to take advantage of the many opportunities that Bluebird provides outside the classroom like dance, karate, etc.

-Theresa Ambrogi


Our daughter began going to BBLC when she was 10 weeks old, she is now almost 2.  Our daughter is always happy and excited to go to “school” every day which makes having to leave her so much easier, knowing she is happy and in good hands.  Her teachers are all amazing and seem to love her as if she was their own.  It’s nice to know that since I can’t be with her during the day, she is with people who love and care for her, giving her the attention a toddler needs while keeping to a curriculum that is preparing her for school in a few years.



My experience at Bluebird Learning Center has been very good. The stability and reliability have been ones of high quality that I value and appreciate very much. My child, Omoro Ortiz, has been going there ever since he was three months old, so he has been there for practically 3 years thus far! His first caregiver was Maria. This woman is wonderful and is genuinely excited to work with the babies. I initially felt very welcome to drop by in between my breaks of classes to breast feed my baby at the daycare and felt welcome and comfortable in doing this for my child. I remember Maria taking a picture of me and Omoro for the purpose of him viewing it at school in order for him to feel comfortable there. I thought this was very thoughtful and effective.

His other teachers include Miss Monica, Diana, Heidi and Rachelle. They all were and are very cheerful, caring and have communicated well with me regarding my child. Omoro has become very attached to certain teachers and children at this center and he even went to a birthday party of one of his friends that is in his class. His current teacher is Miss Denise and she is very sweet, competent and helpful when it comes to informing me of important issues about my son. Omoro loves her and I’m very glad that all the workers care about the progress, happiness and safety of my child as well as all the other children. They have diligently informed me of any incident/accident that has occurred with written and verbal reports and are very open to help with the growth and development of my child. I really like the fact that they first did a parent teacher/conference with me once he turned 3.

Omoro does many activities, learns songs, how to play, has autonomy with serving himself food, has learned respect for his teachers and follows the rules at school. He apparently has no trouble taking naps there and eats and plays well, so I am happy for all of this. The outside play area is well protected and spacious for play. The inside is always comfortable temperature wise and has all the descent equipment necessary for the development and well being for all the children of different ages. The atmosphere is pleasant, clean and conducive for my child. I really like the bathrooms which have toilets small enough for toddlers being potty trained and the sinks are low enough for them to use freely and easily. I have to say that whenever I drop off my child or pick him up, there is happy and or calm music playing and the staff is so helpful, welcoming and warm. Omoro really loves the cook Ana also. I believe he has even expressed to other children that she is “my Nana”. He still sees Maria once in a while and flirts with her playfully. He is mostly excited about school and when he leaves, he is able to say “goodbye” in a very respectful manner. He usually will get a goodbye snack also.

Another thing I really like is the security. There is a security key pad you have to access to enter and I find this to be a great safety reassurance for parents as well as for the staff. The entrance is nice because there is a little welcome bear by the desk that Omoro kisses when he arrives and when he leaves. I like the fact that each holiday there are activities that the children are involved in doing and Aida always goes out of her way to make Christmas intimate and special for the children by having a Santa Claus come take pictures with them. She is very thoughtful and generous in giving special gifts to the parents and children also. Mr. Robert has also been a powerful influence for my son. I think that a positive male figure is something lacking in our society today, and he has made a positive impact for me and for my child as well. Aida and Mr. Robert have produced such a great center for children and it’s good to see their daughter, Michelle, involved too. They all are hard workers and care greatly about their business, which are the children. I feel as if they run the center responsibly and that they appreciate their staff and treat them honorably for all their hard work because children can be a challenge. I hope that they continue to appreciate and help their staff feel important and proud of their great works that they do every day.

I’m proud to have my child going to such an exceptional school where the standards and competency are excellent. This center feels like a family and I’m glad that my child has an opportunity to enjoy his childhood in this productive environment that works so hard to provide this service for them and for the parents as well. An important factor that enabled me to choose Bluebird is that they work with CYFD and accept state assistance, which I believe is a wonderful gesture to parents who rely on this service, thus allowing children to be in an enriched daycare. I am satisfied with my decision to have chosen Bluebird Learning Center for my child and will continue as long as he can possibly attend this wonderful center.

Thank you

-Viviana R. Skaggs