The Power of Play

Why is Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center rated the best in Albuquerque?

Our dedicated and caring staff promotes and encourages Dramatic Play since it is particularly valuable when helping children develop self- regulatory skills and social –emotional competence. For example, by acting out different roles, children learn to take the perspective of others, be flexible thinkers ( looking at a situation in a new way), problem solve, and exercise self-control.

Our caring staff continues to engage children in pretend play. Through positive support, children are able to distance themselves from their own lives and see their options for responding more clearly.Kids playing in the room

When older children are encouraged to follow a “play plan “ or a “play script “ they must plan ahead : talking about what they are going to do, what materials they may use and how they are going to use the materials. By reflecting on their play, children improve their work memory and their capacity to remember.

Play time for young children can be unpredictable, exciting and creative. Children create their own fantasy world as they create their own play time.

During role play, children are also verbally active, using language during play to explain their thoughts and actions. Their “self- talk” helps them to manage their emotions and behavior while staying focused and on task.

Our knowledgeable staff continues to support and encourage children to achieve their fullest potential.

This is one of many reasons why Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center has been rated the BEST in Albuquerque. Stop by to meet our staff and get to know our program.