Welcome to Bluebird Day Care Center!

149Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center is dedicated to creating a fun and positive learning environment for every child who attends our school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center is a state licensed and nationally accredited center that provides excellent high quality childcare for children ages six weeks to five years old, in a clean, safe, nurturing and multi-cultural environment.

Bluebird Day Care and Learning Center is dedicated to encouraging our children to be appropriately challenged towards developing their own individual learning awareness. We believe that in order to meet the basic needs of our children, they will need to be able to feel secure, and in doing so, form safe friendships with the other students, as well as the staff. We want our children to become self-disciplined adults, so we will help them by using redirection.145

The staff at Bluebird knows that knowledge is critical in our children’s lives. It give them self-esteem, self-worth and understanding. Our teachers are committed to providing our children with choices, so that they have the opportunity to direct themselves and become independent learners. That is why the staff at Bluebird is committed to adherence to developmentally appropriate practices and is dedicated in continuing to receive further training in all areas of early childcare, and will use this knowledge to help better our center as a whole as well as facilitate a dynamic learning environment.

146Our commitment as the staff at Bluebird is to provide the children with positive reinforcement, and to form a partnership with the families. Parents are encouraged to visit us whenever they would like, so that they may spend time observing their child(ren) as well as the others, as they grow, learn and play. Together, we will be able to give the children the support, encouragement, and the tools they need to succeed in life.